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Art and craftsmanship. When it comes to functionalism in classic modernity, these two terms are inseparable. This is most clearly exemplified by the architecture of the Bauhaus movement, featuring consummate functionality and sober, timeless elegance. Herein lie the roots to the design vocabulary exhibited in Porsche Design. Company founder Prof. F. A. Porsche attended the Ulm School of Design, one of the most important institutions for teaching that discipline on an international level and conceptualized based on the model of Bauhaus Dessau from 1919, carrying on a similar functional style. The unique watches from the 1919 Collection reflect an advancement of functional aesthetics from the Bauhaus style. They continue the discrete design language by Prof. F. A. Porsche. The collection’s name represents an homage to the year Bauhaus Dessau was founded.

Roadster 3.0 Collection

Travelling with a new generation

Endless gateways. The sprint to the taxi. An unfamiliar subway station. Every minute is precious. Every appointment is important. The new Roadster 3.0 luggage series was developed to help you elegantly and stylishly conquer the challenges of travelling. High-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, intelligent details and a timeless design make the new Roadster 3.0 an exclusive companion that eases life for the traveller – always and anywhere in the world.

Travel with less weight. Luggage that never becomes a burden: thanks to its intelligent design and optimised capacity, the Roadster 3.0 is not just incredibly light – it makes travelling a breeze. Passport, laptop, ticket? Always to hand. Suit jacket for your next meeting? Uncreased in the garment bag. In addition, the newly developed wheel system ensures extraordinarily comfortable handling. What’s more, it is the most silent on the market. So now travellers can concentrate on what’s important. Not on what’s in their way.

Travel with more resistance. Whatever challenges your journey may bring – the Roadster 3.0 can master them all. Each component is made of high-quality material and is screwed in individually. This makes the new Roadster 3.0 not only extremely resistant, but also very durable, because individual parts can be replaced easily. Precise engineering – granting you the luxury to rely on your Roadster completely.

The Collection

The Porsche Design P´9983 Graphite
from BlackBerry

Porsche Design and BlackBerry Limited, a world leader in mobile communications, launched the new Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite smartphone from BlackBerry® in March 2015. This new member to the P’9983 family provides exclusive graphite-metallic colored elements and the finest, hand-wrapped leather on the back door cover.

The P’9983 Graphite smartphone from BlackBerry is exclusively designed by Porsche Design and engineered using the highest quality materials. Porsche Design has collaborated with BlackBerry to design a keyboard with an exclusive keypad with specially crafted glass-like keys with the durability of rigid synthetic material, plus blackened glass and a graphite stainless steel color frame. It combines a unique stylish design from an iconic, timeless brand with the fluid and effortless productivity experience of BlackBerry® 10 technology.

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A real eye-catcher: The black-tinted sapphire crystal case back that shows the inner rotor

Timepieces made by Porsche Design - Swiss made

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