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  • Japanese Chef´s Knife for Meat Fish and Vegetables CAD190.00
  • Small Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P04 CAD170.00
  • China Knife P22 CAD225.00
  • Filleting Knife for Meat and Fish P07 CAD170.00
  • Santoku Knife CAD195.00
  • Whetstone CAD150.00
  • Oyster Knife P24 CAD90.00
  • Steak Knife P15 Set 4 Pieces each CAD365.00
  • Ceramic Water Whetstone Granularity: 800 CAD115.00
  • Tomato Knife also be used for Fruit and Bread P10 CAD115.00
  • Universal Knife P03 CAD185.00
  • Boning Knife P08 CAD165.00
  • Paring Knife for Fruit and Vegetables CAD95.00
  • Carving Knife P05 CAD185.00
  • Bread Knife P06 CAD170.00
  • Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P01 CAD250.00
  • Universal Knife P19 CAD105.00