Porsche Design Writing Tools


Power and dynamics for whatever life brings. For high-paced decisions, elegant soirees or winding down in style. Our accessories convey vigor and esprit, premium quality and a no-holds-barred attitude. From handsome fountain pens to first-class Japanese cutlery to captivating fragrances.

P´3632 Lighter was CAD199.00 now CAD139.30
P´3631 Lighter was CAD245.00 now CAD171.50
P´3639 Lighter CAD170.00
Shisha 2.1 CAD2,350.00
P´3645 Lighter CAD175.00
P´3621 Cigar Cutter CAD149.00
P´3643 Candle Lighter CAD295.00
P´3641 Lighter was CAD165.00 now CAD115.50
Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen Twist was CAD225.00 now CAD147.00
Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen from CAD145.00
Tec Flex Ballpoint Pen from CAD290.00
Tec Flex Fountain Pen from CAD670.00
Shake Pen Big CAD350.00
Laser Flex Ballpoint Pen from CAD580.00
Japanese Chef´s Knife for Meat Fish and Vegetables CAD190.00
Small Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P04 CAD170.00
Filleting Knife for Meat and Fish P07 CAD170.00
Santoku Knife CAD195.00
Standard Chef's Knife for all Tasks P01 CAD250.00

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