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London, Paris, New York. No matter the destination, every trip starts with a roundup of prized travel essentials. Our bags and luggage blend elegant design and superior functionality – for your next business trip, family vacation or romantic weekend getaway.

Luggage, Bags and Small Leather Goods Our Collections

XLUltralight Carbon Design was CAD495.00 now CAD346.50
Chronotimer Series 1 Sportive Black CAD6,400.00
Carbon Weekender CAD2,300.00
Carbon Brief Bag SHZ CAD1,500.00
Racer Flyline Carbon Black Edition CAD575.00
Carbon Billfold H5 CAD375.00
Beverly Hills Carbon Design was CAD430.00 now CAD301.00
Cargon 3.0 Trolley BoardBag was CAD560.00 now CAD392.00
Cargon 3.0 MessengerBag LHF was CAD380.00 now CAD266.00
Cargon 3.0 BackPack LVZ1 was CAD455.00 now CAD318.50
Cargon 3.0 Trolley S was CAD610.00 now CAD427.00
Cargon 3.0 Backpack MVZ CAD310.00
Roadster Hardcase Set S/M Black Edition CAD1,735.00
Roadster 3.0 ShoulderBag L FH was CAD610.00 now CAD427.00
Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley M CAD580.00
Roadster Hardcase Series Set S/L was CAD1,480.00 now CAD1,036.00
Roadster 3.0 BriefBag LH was CAD715.00 now CAD500.50
Roadster 3.0 ShoulderBag MH was CAD350.00 now CAD245.00
Voyager 2.0 Weekender MHZ CAD1,500.00
Voyager 2.0 Wash Bag CAD425.00
Voyager 2.0 Wallet V11 CAD180.00
Voyager 2.0 Wallet H8 CAD150.00
Voyager 2.0 Shoulder Bag SVZ CAD685.00
Voyager 2.0 Passport Holder CAD150.00
Voyager 2.0 Card Holder SH6 CAD120.00
Voyager 2.0 Briefbag MHZ CAD1,200.00
Voyager 2.0 Backpack MVZ CAD1,200.00
Voyager 2.0 Accessory Pouch CAD310.00
Voyager 2.0 Accessory Bag CAD510.00
French Classic 3.0 Card Holder SH8 CAD120.00
French Classic 3.0 Passport Holder CAD120.00
French Classic 3.0 Purse H15Z CAD310.00
French Classic 3.0 Wallet H8 CAD195.00
French Classic 3.0 Wallet H9 CAD210.00
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon ShoulderBag SVZ CAD310.00
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag XSVZ CAD425.00
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag SVZ CAD455.00
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BriefBag SHZ CAD495.00
Shyrt 2.0 Leather BriefBag LHZ CAD865.00
Classic Line CardHolder SH8 was CAD120.00 now CAD84.00
Classic Line 2.0 BillFold H12 was CAD195.00 now CAD136.50
Classic Line BillFold V8Z was CAD335.00 now CAD234.50
Classic Line 2.0 CardHolder H4 was CAD90.00 now CAD63.00
Classic Line 2.0 BillFold V16 was CAD210.00 now CAD147.00
Classic Line Wallet LV16 was CAD380.00 now CAD266.00

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With the new #1919GlobetimerUTC, the engineers and designers at #PorscheDesign have once again met the high standards. This new world-time wristwatch from Porsche Design sparks enthusiasm with a winning combination of radically simplified functionality and optimized legibility of the displays. #PorscheDesignTimepieces
The roar of the Pacific Ocean blending with azure blue skies and one-of-a-kind landscapes: the #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway collection offers perfectly coordinated outfits and accessories combined with a slight touch of modern business sophistication. Available now in #PorscheDesign Stores and online.
The latest edition of the #PorscheDesign #PerforatedTecPolo excites with its high level of quality and unique design. Racing details, such as perforated collars and shoulder panels, project dynamism contrasted with lightweight  fabric conveying a sense of precision and purpose. #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway #Dynamiqyachts #DynamiqGTT115
Whether for the style-conscious globetrotter, the casual jet-setter, or the fulltime business traveler, the #PorscheDesign #VoyagerWeekender is the perfect travel mate, no matter the scenario. Thanks to a spacious main compartment and large front pocket with organiser, everyone's needs are easily accomodated. #PorscheDesignLuggage
Technical innovation meets functional design: the iconic #PorscheDesign #P8671 #sunglasses. Discover these ultra-lightweight frames, featuring a sleek silhouette constructed from shimmering titanium. #PorscheDesignEyewear
Expressive performancewear just got cooler with the #PorscheDesign #ActiveShorts. Even when standing still, these dynamics shorts convey movement, thanks to their expressive pattern. The flexible quick-drying material delivers what the energetic print emotes: maximum performance and functionality. #PorscheDesignSportswear
Made of innovative EvoKnit material, the #PorscheDesign #ActiveEvoKnitTee is a flawlessly fitting sports shirt, meeting the highest demands on every level. Thanks to its functionality, ease of movement, and two-tone design, it's the perfect piece of activewear. #PorscheDesignSportswear
The #PorscheDesign #CasualButtonDown is the perfect shirt for any occasion. Characterised by its excellent fit, it also features unmistakable Porsche Design details, such as rubber buttons and tonal cuff accents. #PorscheDesignFashion #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway #dynamiqyachts #DynamiqGTT115
The #PorscheDesign #1919GlobetimerUTC prevents frequent flyers from losing a second of precious time. With the aid of ergonomically shaped, optimally positioned pushers, the local time can be conveniently -- and quickly! -- set. #PorscheDesignTimepieces
Summer, heat and beachy breeze: Let the #SpringSummer19 #PacificCoastHighway Collection kick off the warm season and prepare yourself for the next trip by wearing #PorscheDesignFashion. Available at Porsche Design Stores and online.
#dynamiqyachts #DynamiqGTT115
The #PorscheDesign Flagship Store in Hamburg now offers an exciting mix of digital spaces, videos and animations as well as a freely accessible timepieces presentation.
The new #PorscheDesignTimepieces presentation in the Hamburg Flagship Store gives visitors the opportunity to experience the history and momentum of the latest #PorscheDesign watch models via a 98'' monitor and the innovative Hypebox.
#PorscheDesign proudly rolled-out a newly established timepieces retail concept in the Porsche Design Flagship Store Hamburg. Explore the lately created watch area with its dedicated, multi-sensory and interactive world around the competence and heritage of #PorscheDesignTimepieces.
As a forerunner in innovative eyewear, #PorscheDesign redefines cult classics, making sporty, yet stylish, statements through purist design. Explore the new 2019 Spring/Summer #PorscheDesignEyewear collection in Porsche Design Stores and online.
The unmistakeable silhouette, characteristic nose bridge, and revolutionary replaceable-lens-mechanism make the #PorscheDesign titanium #P8478 an iconic accessory. Now available in refreshing Neomint - one of 2019's hottest colors. #PorscheDesignEyewear
Take a stylish approach towards life with the new #PorscheDesign #P8671. Experience dynamic comfort with anatomically-molded temples and polarized lenses.
Retro reload: #PorscheDesign #P8686 sunglasses – the perfect companion on any trip. Their flat design lends these high-quality stainless steel aviators an exceptionally clean look and finish to this classic shape.