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London, Paris, New York. No matter the destination, every trip starts with a roundup of prized travel essentials. Our bags and luggage blend elegant design and superior functionality – for your next business trip, family vacation or romantic weekend getaway.

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Cargon 3.0 BackPack LVZ1 was CAD 455.00 now CAD 299.00
Cargon 3.0 Trolley S was CAD 610.00 now CAD 409.00
Roadster 3.0 ShoulderBag L FH was CAD 610.00 now CAD 409.00
Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley M was CAD 580.00 now from CAD 409.00
Roadster 3.0 ShoulderBag MH was CAD 350.00 now CAD 229.00
Voyager 2.0 Weekender MHZ was CAD 1,500.00 now CAD 1,049.00
Voyager 2.0 Wash Bag was CAD 425.00 now from CAD 299.00
Voyager 2.0 Wallet V11 was CAD 180.00 now CAD 129.00
Voyager 2.0 Shoulder Bag SVZ was CAD 685.00 now CAD 479.00
Voyager 2.0 Passport Holder was CAD 150.00 now CAD 109.00
Voyager 2.0 Card Holder SH6 was CAD 120.00 now CAD 79.00
Voyager 2.0 Briefbag MHZ was CAD 1,200.00 now CAD 839.00
Voyager 2.0 BillFold H10 was CAD 230.00 now CAD 159.00
Voyager 2.0 Backpack MVZ was CAD 1,200.00 now CAD 839.00
Voyager 2.0 Accessory Pouch was CAD 310.00 now from CAD 219.00
Voyager 2.0 Accessory Bag was CAD 510.00 now from CAD 359.00
French Classic 3.0 Card Holder SH8 was CAD 120.00 now CAD 79.00
French Classic 3.0 Passport Holder was CAD 120.00 now CAD 79.00
French Classic 3.0 Purse H15Z was CAD 310.00 now CAD 219.00
French Classic 3.0 Wallet H8 was CAD 195.00 now CAD 139.00
French Classic 3.0 Wallet H9 was CAD 210.00 now CAD 149.00
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon ShoulderBag SVZ was CAD 310.00 now CAD 219.00
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag XSVZ was CAD 425.00 now CAD 299.00
Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag SVZ was CAD 455.00 now CAD 319.00
Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BriefBag SHZ was CAD 495.00 now CAD 349.00
Shyrt 2.0 Leather BriefBag LHZ was CAD 865.00 now CAD 609.00
Classic Line Wallet LV16 was CAD 380.00 now CAD 249.00

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With refined details, such as ice-blue and polar-white accents on the dial, the #PorscheDesign #ChronotimerGPIceRace Special Edition reflects the unique spirit of the #GPIceRace. The sporty and dynamic look of the automatic chronograph is complemented by a high-quality, stylishly perforated leather strap made of original #Porsche interior leather. For the Porsche Design brand, whose roots are in Zell am See, it is both an honor and a duty to support the event as #OfficialTimingPartner.
Attracts attention on and off the slopes. Dressed in a sleek black coat the new #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio is the pinnacle of sophistication, ski design, and performance. Special chrome signs accentuate the exclusivity when high-speed meets high-end design. Handmade in the Alps. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment #ElanSkis
Made by experts, driven by adventurers. The brand new #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio stands in a class by itself. Built in close partnership between #ElanSkis and #PorscheDesign - because skiing is always done best with friends. #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment
Carbon parts for perfect control. The use of lightweight materials increase pressure distribution and dynamics, while the rocker exterior provides easy and direct turn initiation. The camber inside gives the ski the pull and the lead in the turn. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio #ElanSkis
What do you get when you combine the aesthetics of #PorscheDesign and the innovation of #ElanSkis? The #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio, a ski that begs for high speed descents and tight corners. Set your new personal best or just enjoy the ride and let yourself drift. #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment
Poised for the piste. The #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio fuses #ElanSkis starting gate performance, with the refined design you expect from Studio F. A. Porsche. Become the eye-catcher of every ski resort - without ever being caught. Ready for downhill? #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment
Precise edge grip and a smooth flex. The Fusion X Binding system was built in collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche and #ElanSkis and delivers everything you need for a memorable ski experience through deep snow and powder. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio
Perfect response even on tight curves. The latest generation of the new #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio perfectly blends camber and rocker construction for an uniquely dynamic feel. Swing easily into the bend, whether if you drive on or off the piste. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment #ElanSkis
Created for ambitious skiers. The first ski from #PorscheDesign was built for those who want a performance-oriented ski with a special design addiction. The ski unites the Porsche Design DNA with the design platform of the new #ElanAmphibio technology. #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio #ElanSkis
High Performance for the slopes. Porsche Design has teamed up with traditional ski manufacturer Elan to develop a high-end ski that is impressive. With the new #PorscheDesignElanAmphibio you'll always drive on the ideal line. The feeling of the race track, transferred to the ski slope. #PorscheDesign #PorscheDesignSportsEquipment #ElanSkis
Unlike many other laptops, the #PorscheDesign #UltraOne is convincingly different with extremely narrow display edges. The notebook is only 13.8 mm thick, which makes it one of the thinnest 15.6
With the new #PorscheDesign #UltraOne you get the full luxury experience. All important connections are bundled on the back which magically hides all of your cables. In spite of loads of features, the new Ultra One appears minimalistic and impresses with its striking sporty line.
Mobility without extras. The new #PorscheDesign #UltraOne turns challenges into solutions. The super large touchpad helps in orientation in different work platforms, and playfully glides you through different levels - making you forget to miss the mouse.
The new #PorscheDesign #UltraOne shows off in a high-quality magnesium body in silver. The clean and reduced design follows the consequent implementation of the Porsche Design DNA and the philosophy of the companies founder Prof. F. A. Porsche: Shape and function in perfect harmony.
Not only the sound of an engine can push your pulse. Using this as inspiration, the developers of the new #PorscheDesign #UltraOne successfully transfer sound experiences out of the world of motors with state-of- the-art technology. Loudspeakers by Harman and Kardon will bring that racetrack winner feeling to work.
Co-working spaces, home offices and cafes. Today's workplace has changed totally and requires innovative adaptation. To be able to work smoothly in any location, the new #PorscheDesign #UltraOne is your lightweight and flexible partner - and the epitome of mobile working in the future.
Less mass. More performance. With the new #PorscheDesign #UltraOne arduous work becomes feathery light. With just 1,5 kilograms, the ultrathin and lightweight notebook contains all important functions and can easily be taken anywhere and everywhere - without being a ballast.