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London, Paris, New York. No matter the destination, every trip starts with a roundup of prized travel essentials. Our bags and luggage blend elegant design and superior functionality – for your next business trip, family vacation or romantic weekend getaway.

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Incredibly light and strong: our Carbon collection. An extension of our core product range, made with genuine carbon – for exceptional, durable quality.

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XLUltralight Carbon Design

Chronotimer Series 1 Sportive Black

Carbon Weekender

Carbon Brief Bag SHZ

Racer Flyline Carbon Black Edition

Carbon Billfold H5

Maine 40 Carbon

Beverly Hills Carbon Design

Cargon 3.0

Our collection for the modern urban traveler: robust, lightweight and practical. Multiple options for every travel need, from extended trips to short getaways, as well as shoppers and messengers for daily use.

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Cargon 3.0 Shopper

Cargon 3.0 Trolley BoardBag

Cargon 3.0 MessengerBag LHF

Cargon 3.0 Trolley S

Cargon 3.0 WashBag SHZ

Cargon 3.0 Backpack MVZ


Business trips and daily commutes demand intelligent bags and luggage. Our Roadster series fits the bill thanks to practical details like an integrated USB port with power bank and hidden compartments for extra security.

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Roadster Hardcase Set S/M Black Edition

Roadster 3.0 ShoulderBag L FH

Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley M

Roadster 3.0 BriefBag LH

Roadster 3.0 Garmentbag S

Roadster 3.0 ShoulderBag MH


The Voyager series features clever details to maximize storage options and robust fabrics for long-lasting performance. For your daily commute or weekend travel.

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Voyager 2.0 Brief Bag SHZ

Voyager 2.0 Wallet H8

Voyager 2.0 Weekender MHZ

Voyager 2.0 Passport Holder

Voyager 2.0 Wallet V11

Voyager 2.0 BackPack MVZ

French Classic

Crafted from textured leather in a variety of colors, the products in this collection are true-blue companions.

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French Classic 3.0 PassportHolder

French Classic 3.0 BriefBag FS

French Classic 3.0 BriefBag FS

French Classic 3.0 CardHolder SH8

French Classic 3.0 KeyCase LZ2

Shyrt 2.0

Crafted from textured leather in a variety of colors, the products in this collection are true-blue companions.

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Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BriefBag LHZ

Shyrt 2.0 Nylon ShoulderBag SVZ

Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag XSVZ

Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BackPack MVZ

Shyrt 2.0 Leather ShoulderBag SVZ

Shyrt 2.0 Nylon BriefBag SHZ

Shyrt 2.0 Leather BriefBag LHZ

Shyrt 2.0 Nylon ShoulderBag XSVZ

Classic Line

Sleek, elegant designs with fine details. Our classic collection features supple calfskin leather for exceptional elegance and lasting quality.

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Classic Line CardHolder SH8

Classic Line 2.0 BillFold H12

Classic Line BillFold V8Z

Classic Line 2.0 CardHolder H4

Classic Line 2.0 Wallet H6

Classic Line 2.0 BillFold V16

Classic Line Wallet LV16

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Luggage, Bags and Small Leather Goods


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