1919 Collection

27 Products

  • 1919 Datetimer Ennstal Classic Special Edition CAD6,100.00
  • 1919 Globetimer UTC Titanium & Brown CAD9,100.00
  • 1919 Globetimer UTC All Titanium & Blue CAD9,850.00
  • 1919 Globetimer UTC Titanium & Black CAD9,100.00
  • 1919 Globetimer UTC Gold Edition CAD45,000.00
  • 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Black & Leather CAD9,100.00
  • 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition from CAD7,500.00
  • 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Brown & Leather CAD9,050.00
  • 1919 Datetimer 70Y Sports Car - Limited Edition CAD4,448.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Titanium & Rubber CAD4,450.00
  • 1919 Datetimer All Titanium CAD4,900.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Black & Rubber CAD4,900.00
  • 1919 Datetimer All Black CAD5,350.00
  • 1919 Globetimer Titanium & Rubber CAD5,200.00
  • 1919 Globetimer All Titanium CAD5,650.00
  • 1919 Globetimer Black & Rubber CAD5,650.00
  • 1919 Globetimer All Black CAD5,950.00
  • 1919 Chronotimer Titanium & Rubber CAD5,950.00
  • 1919 Chronotimer All Titanium CAD6,400.00
  • 1919 Chronotimer Black & Rubber CAD6,400.00
  • 1919 Chronotimer All Black CAD6,850.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Eternity Blue CAD4,900.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Eternity Black Edition Titanium & Rubber CAD4,450.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Eternity Black Edition All Titanium CAD4,900.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Eternity Black Edition Black & Rubber CAD4,900.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Eternity Black Edition All Black CAD5,350.00
  • 1919 Datetimer Eternity Brown Alligator Leather CAD5,950.00

1919 Collection

Men’s minimal watches with pure clarity

The perfect symbiosis of design and function: With the 1919 Collection, Porsche Design has created a selection of elegant timepieces that are second to none. Available in three designs, all 1919 timepieces have one thing in common: their characteristic gaps on the lug and the form-fitting transition to the bracelet. The exclusive trademark that gives the collection it’s special lightness.

Globetimer: functional elegance for every time zone

The integrated display of the 1919 Globetimers is outfitted for two time zones. For this purpose, a 24-hour ring was added to the dial, on which another hand indicates the hour of the second time-zone. The design of the 1919 Globetimer was inspired by the Porsche racing car cockpits and the reflection-free racing car instruments.

Chronotimer: limitless design with a finger on the pulse of time

The passion for motorsport is clearly recognizable in the 1919 Chronotimer collection. The pure performance that makes Porsche so unmistakable on the racetrack underscores the individual look of every model. Each watch is a masterpiece of contemporary history, interpreted in a modern way. Minimalist features, clear designs and a sophisticated attention to detail – typical for Porsche Design.

Datetimer: objective elegance with high-end perfection

Porsche Design has translated the high standards for functionality and design to the creation of its exclusive, high-quality Datetimer wristwatches: a glass bead-blasted titanium case, the seven-fold, non-reflective sapphire crystal glass (double-sided) and a black natural rubber with LaserFlex profile make the Datetimer a genuine masterpiece of the 1919 Collection.