Chronotimer Collection

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  • Chronotimer Series 1 Flyback Racing Yellow CAD9,500.00
  • Chronotimer GP ICE RACE Special Edition CAD7,550.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Flyback Acid Green CAD9,500.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Flyback Guards Red CAD9,500.00
  • Timepiece No.1 Ltd. Ed. CAD7,900.00
  • Chronograph Titanium Ltd. Ed. CAD7,200.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Tangerine CAD5,950.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Sportive Titanium CAD5,950.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Sportive Carbon CAD6,700.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Sportive Black & Gold CAD9,700.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Sportive Black CAD6,400.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Pure White CAD6,700.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Pure Blue CAD6,700.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Polished Black CAD7,200.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Matte Black CAD7,200.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Deep Blue CAD5,950.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 Black & Gold CAD10,450.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 All Titanium CAD6,700.00
  • Chronotimer Series 1 All Black Carbon CAD7,450.00
  • P´6510 Black Chronograph 1972 Limited Edition CAD6,450.00

Chronotimer Collection

Timeless design with athletic accents

Timelessness reinterpreted: The chronographs of the Chronotimer Collection are timeless and athletic precision instruments without frills. The motorsport roots are unmistakable: The design of the black dials guarantees optimal readability through maximum contrast. And the titanium, an extremely lightweight, high-tech material, ensures maximum wearing comfort. Perfectly suited for maximum performance.

A masterpiece of the watch industry

From 0 to 100% innovativeness: The first watch designed by Prof. F. A. Porsche in 1972 was already seen as a worldwide innovation in the watch market. Inspired by a race car’s low-reflection cockpit, he created a timeless masterpiece – his Chronograph I – which is still considered a classic design piece, today. He designed the world's first wristwatch in matt black.

Many faces, one character

The Chronotimer Collection presents itself in a 42 mm case in a total of 13 different design editions. Whether black titanium carbide coating finish, with glass bead-blasted, brushed or polished titanium, or an 18-carat rose gold bezel for a particularly elegant look, the Chronotimer Collection watches are both a resilient and lasting companion on the way to new personal best-times.