The new fashion collection

The new fashion Collection

Porsche Design Fashion Fall Winter 2019

Unmistakable driving-inspired accents and dynamic shapes characterise the designs, resulting in relaxed, first-class looks, which effortlessly blur the lines between business and casual outfits.

Prepare to be inspired by a collection that will shine a new light on your inner rebel. With exclusive detailing that includes automotive references, high-tech designs and new interpretations of iconic Porsche patterns and materials. Whatever the season brings, with these new looks, you’ll be out there setting the pace.

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Porsche Design Fashion Fall Winter 2019
Porsche Design Fashion Fall Winter 2019

Tec Flex Polo CAD255.00
Storm Proof Thermo Bomber CAD1,300.00
Pattern Mix Rebel Sweater CAD495.00
Urban Racer Cardigan CAD575.00
P-Icon Polo CAD180.00
Fashion Shirt CAD210.00
Diamond Quilt Airlift Jacket CAD1,150.00
Treated Chino CAD270.00
Racer LU High Top CAD575.00
XLExtralight Nappa from CAD430.00
Racer LU Low Mesh HF from CAD470.00
XLUltralight LU CalfTecFlex CAD495.00
Cupsole CAD285.00
XLUltralight LU Calf Felt CAD495.00
XLight Cupsole LU Calf Velours CAD430.00
Winterboot LU Calf Grain CAD495.00
PD Driver Calf Grain CAD430.00
PD Driver Carbon Design CAD430.00
Casual Belt Pin Buckle 40 CAD290.00
Tec Flex Scarf CAD285.00
Looped Tec Flex Scarf CAD285.00
Tec Flex Business Scarf CAD285.00
Racing Gloves CAD285.00
Full Leather Tec Flex Gloves CAD255.00
Grooves 2.0 Cufflinks CAD210.00
Grooves 2.0 Cufflinks Carbon CAD255.00
Grooves 2.0 Keyring CAD255.00
Grooves 2.0 Keyring Carbon CAD285.00
Valet Keyring CAD140.00
Valet Keyring Carbon CAD140.00
Grooves 2.0 Keyring CAD285.00
Grooves 2.0 Bracelet CAD255.00
Grooves 2.0 Bracelet Double CAD285.00
Grooves 2.0 Bracelet Bold CAD285.00